“All of us do not have equal talents. But, all of us have equal opportunity to develop our talents” -A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


We at DPSJ are committed to lead our learners, imbibing in them the thirst for knowledge to explore the new horizons with creative and positive thinking, grooming as smart and confident personalities of tomorrow, culminating their potentials in contributing to the society and country at large.


DPSJ envisions to the holistic development of its learners, who will be the torch bearers of the humanity, competent professionals, sensitized ambassadors of environmental concerns and social goodwill with a strong fervour of nationalism and empathy to all.


“Awake, Arise and stop not until the goal is achieved ...” -Swami Vivekanand

The school provides the right inputs to help the children grow up into multi faceted personalities, equipped to make the best choice in life and grow up to be responsible citizens of the nation and the world.

Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.

We work to make our students profound in both academics and co-curricular activities that are supported by volumes of our efforts and dedication which makes a strong impact on the environment making it conductive to good learning. The vibrations and the happiness flowing out from every corner of the school is the evidence of our very honest claims.



Mr.Kamal Chand
Principal DPS Jhakri

Dear parent,

Education is a time bound process shaping phenomenal personalities as a result of committed efforts with a visionary approach. The idea of holistic development involves multifaceted roles of providing quality education in much needed conducive ambience. The challenges are big and so go the expectations of all the stake holders. We at DPS Jhakri take pride to associate our endeavours with our success stories. We believe that every child has a different learning potential and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding. Developing the best potentials of our students and culminating all efforts to shape wholesome personalities is our objective. We as a team express our gratitude to the management for their unconditional support behind every effort we make , tracking along the visionary path laid for DPSJ. Our sincere thanks to our co-partners, the proud parents, whose co-operation and a firm belief in us, in the process of nurturing the future citizens is worth acknowledging. DPS Jhakri is an excellent school, providing students and staff with the tools needed to be life-long learners and positive contributors to our community. We are proud of our students, staff and all the proud parents.

“While teaching we must remember
that the future of the world is
in our schools and classrooms....”




The Delhi public school infrastructure is committed to ensuring that the children go to shcool in buildingsthat are safe and hygenic. It has soaciuos well lit classrooms, playground, clean and tidy atmosphere. The school also has doog infrastructure facilites like:-


The school has well stocked library catering to the requirements of the students in the primary classes as well as in the senior school.




To inculcate scientific spirit well equipped science laboratories are provided to the students from class III onwards. Students are encouraged to explore science learning and link learning with life though experimentation, hands on activities, exhibitions, interactive sessions and quiz.


Biology is the land of unlimited possibilities. To explore these possibilities we have a well equipped Bio Lab in the school containing ample material and specimens to teach students biology by experimenting and doing things all by themselves. It has always been a great place of interest for each and every child in the school. The school provides this great facility to students especially of 11 th and 12 th Medical stream to explore the biological world.


Games and sports are interwoven in the school’s curriculum. Facilities for outdoor and indoor games have been provided under the guidance of experienced physical education teachers. Cricket, badminton and volley ball are some of the games played regularly. Training is imparted to the students in yogic and physical exercises to learn self discipline. Students are encouraged to learn Aerobics and yoga.


Creativity is an important as literacy. To unleash the hidden treasures of creativity and artistic temperaments of students a colorful and a spectacular Art and Craft room is setup in the school. Students are always excited to enjoy the joy of painting and pouring colors to their life like pictures and creations.


Music and Dance adds colors to life. It gives wings to mind, flight to imagination and life to everything. Here in DPS Jhakri we have a big music room having all classical and modern musical instruments. It is one place in the whole school where one finds solace and outburst of soul.

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